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Our mission is to build the economy of the future through the study and implementation of tokens.


TOKEN MAKERS is 2gether’s development department, specialized in tokenized models, where everything is built around tokens.

What is a token?

A token can be anything we want and it can substitute or take the shape we wish, so long as it respects the value we assigned to it. The goal of a token is to be the means to represent things from the real world.

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Tokens have existed for more than 10,000 years

Tokens have been with us a lot longer than you might think. Such a long time, that it revolutionized the way we lived thousands of years ago and made it easier.

Tokens were the very first economic revolution, circa 8,000 BC, in Sumer. It was thanks to the invention of tokens that we started counting and having control over our first personal belongings: oil, cereal, cattle... The first tokens were made of clay, usually 1-2 centimeters and round. They also had symbols representing their meaning.

Token Sumerio

Since then, tokens have been ever-present in our lives, represented in many ways and having different meanings and value, whether it is train tickets, telephone tokens or casino chips.


The token is once again the center of the latest economic revolution.

Modern technologies and the digital era have given the spotlight back to the token. Almost 10,000 years later, it has become once again the epicentre of the last economic revolution.

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2gether’s token: 2GT

The first project of TOKEN MAKERS was the creation of 2gether’s own token, the 2GT.

It has become one of the pillars of a company that believes in a collaborative model and in sharing the value generated by the projects the company participates in among its Founders.

The 2GT token is present on the main decentralized exchanges.

2gt token
Foodcoin token

The hospitality sector token: Foodcoin

The second TOKEN MAKERS project, which is currently being developed, is Foodcoin, the hospitality sector token.

With this token, any hospitality establishment can create their own coin and reward their clients, thus promoting consumption in this sector through the 2gether app.

In June 2021, we will launch the first experience in Ponzano, in the heart of Madrid.

The 2GT token, the driving force of tokenized economies

One of the goals of TOKEN MAKERS is to keep strengthening and promoting the 2GT token. To this end, the backers of tokenized economies will buy the token to make their economies work in the context of 2gether.

Every time a 2gether user makes a payment, in addition to receiving tokens from the different tokenized economies and 2GT tokens, they will generate indirect purchases of 2GT through their transactions. This will strengthen the 2gether token, which is the one that brings us all together.

Economy chart with tokens

At 2gether we always said the economic revolution is much more than buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and that the token has to play a key role in it. This is why we will do all we can to help grow the first tokenized economies.

If you have any ideas or projects that you think could be tokenized, contact TOKEN MAKERS and we will do our best to make it happen.

Your place in the the economic revolution

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